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Songs of the 50 States

Last update May 15, 1999

The goal of this Web site is to list for each state in the United States at least one song from the realm of country or folk music, whenever possible with the lyrics and the data for purchasing a recording. If your state is not represented, please provide me with urgently needed input; if you have suggestions for any state, please speak; or if you want to express preferences, please e-mail me. Before mailing your titles, please check out the instructions to find out what I mean by love songs for states.

For more facts on the states, check out Eddy Bear's site. And while you're there, check out his Radio Etc Country Show.

The ultimate Web site for official state songs and a wealth of other information about the states, visit the professional work at 50states.com. If this site gets too optimistic or tacky for you, check 50 States of Annoyance for a contrast.

Major enhancements underway

The idea of collecting songs about states began about a decade ago, before there was a WorldWide Web. Then the predecessor of this list was posted to UseNet groups related to country music or folk music and folks were asked to contribute songs. With the advent of the Web, it became easier to make the current list permanently available and to give it a facelift.

This page is currently being subjected to a major revamp, update, enhancement, extension, enrichment and the like. Previously all the states fit onto one (rather long) Web page. With the addition of many new state songs made possible by new sources -- primarily a book and the search facilities of on-line music sites such as Music Boulevard and Amazon -- the lists for each state got long enough to justify a dedicated page per state.

I began with Texas, California, Arkansas and Alabama, and I will be adding longer lists for each state as I find time (and this does take time). As each state's enhancement is completed, I will change the respective link from on-page here to the new file. Those that have not been enhanced yet will remain on this page for the duration of the transition. Thus you can check my progress by noting how many states are still represented directly on this page.

Important note to parents

I get a lot of e-mail traffic due to this page. Far too much, however, is from parents of elementary school students who are looking for the official state song of some state for a school project. This is irritating because these folks obviously have not read what is here before writing to me. Therefore please note that:

  • Check the following site for all the official (and some unofficial) state songs: 50states.com.
  • Where there are official state songs listed in these pages, it is simply a side-effect and by no means the primary purpose of this site. If it is not listed at the top of a particular page, I don't have/know it and, no, I will not search for it on your behalf. However, I can suggest that you search yourself, e.g., at AltaVista with search criteria such as (don't forget the quotation marks and enter both phrases in the field for search criteria):
  • "New Hampshire" "state song"

  • If I happen to have the lyrics to any official state song, it is already posted. If it is not posted, I don't have it.

  • You might be interested in Coolidge 50, a CD with interpretations of the 50 state songs. However, this CD does not reflect what most would call authentic versions, and often contains only the first verse, so don't count on me to write down the lyrics from the CD!

  • State governments have Web sites. Some include the state songs. Check these sources for what you are looking for.

  • And, dear parents, do you remember what we did before the days of the Web?? Yes, check your friendly local library!!

Thank you for understanding. If you have read this and know what the site is about, and you still think that I might be able to help you, feel free to e-mail me. It's not like I am not human, but when I get mails from folks that obviously have not read anything here, I am quick with the Delete button. It is a matter of self-preservation.

Links to the individual states

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For questions or suggestions regarding this page, please contact the Web weaver.